Saturday, November 10, 2007

multi-mono input

I've been working on multi-mono input for Aften over the last 2 days. I'm finally happy with it, but I need to do some more testing before committing it.

I decided to implement it within the pcm reader rather than in libaften. It's a bit slower since it has to interleave the samples, then libaften turns around and deinterleaves them. It makes things simpler though. I have thought of implementing planar pcm decoding and planar aften encoding. This would probably make things faster when using multi-mono input because it would avoid both the interleaving and deinterleaving.


Anonymous said...

any chance of Pro Logic II Lt Rt 2 Channel output from 4 or 5 mono inputs?

Justin said...

I'll consider adding it someday. Maybe as a utility function, similar to the current channel reordering. The same concept could also be used for Dolby EX.

Tom said...

I have no clue what you're talking about, but it's fun seeing a grandson having fun with his brain. Granpa

Greg said...

Think you could help me diagnose a problem? I'm simply trying to encode a 5.1 stream (with LFE) but one of my channels is "missing". It seems my rear right channel is actually doubling the LFE channel (i.e, LFE channel goes to sub as it should, and also appears in the rear right). Or perhaps the LFE is going to the rear right and bass management is routing it back to the sub - who knows. But I can't seem to fix it.

Any advice?