Saturday, February 24, 2007

recent changes

Here is an overview of some of the changes since the release of version 0.06. It's a more detailed list than what's in the Changelog, but it's simpler than having to go through the 90 SVN commit messages.
  • fixed piped input for Windows
  • several updates to the public API, including splitting the public header
  • Prakash added C++ bindings
  • utility functions for acmod and lfe were fixed, cleaned-up, and simplified
  • fixed dual-mono encoding
  • added a completely new bit allocation search method, which was a collaboration between Prakash and myself. The advantage of the new method is that it gives the same results no matter what the search start value is.
  • version info is now accessible in API and displayed on commandline
  • parallel encoding by Prakash. this is the most significant change since the last release.
  • fixed bit exactness/uninitialized memory problem in exponent encoding
  • added option to remove start-of-frame padding
  • split out the commandline help in aften to a separate files to make it simpler and easier to maintain
  • a number of excellent speed-ups by Prakash in the exponent functions
  • added optional fast exponent strategy option which uses a fixed strategy, which is not quite as good quality, but is significantly faster
  • fixed alt bitstream syntax encoding